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Our field specialists ensure that any aspects of our rendered services are tailored to efficiently tackle different circumstances. They offer shipping consultancy on any customer enquiries and aim to maximize customer satisfaction through direct supervision, safe and effective cargo handling, stowage optimization and prompt delivery.

Stowage consultation

MA-Maritime will assist you on any enquiry in regards to stowage through MA-Maritime�s Master Mariners and Super Cargoes.

Special cargo

Our special project team plans and oversees the smooth transfer, load and discharge of the cargo.

Classification of special cargo

Heavy lift � Any cargo piece exceeding 30 Metric Tonnes.

Over size � Any cargo piece exceeding the basic, standard container dimensions: Over length, over width, over height such as vehicles, machinery, steel structures, piping, industrial equipment

Custom clearance

If you have any queries about customs formalities, we can assist you via our network of representative agents.

Container Fleet

MA-Maritime controls and manages a fleet of plate rated, food grade and cargo worthy, general purpose and �special� containers both leased and owned to serve customer requirements. As a result MA-Maritime has built up close relationships with a number of the world�s leading container leasing companies:-

  • Textainer Equipment Management Ltd
  • Triton Container International Ltd
  • Almar Container Group
  • CAI International Inc
  • Seacastle Container Leasing

Inland Transport

Inland transport can be offered via our network of agents around the world. We will find the best solution to ensure your shipment reaches your desired destination.

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