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Jargon Buster

FILO Free In/ Liner Out
FIFO Free In/ Free Out
LIFO Liner In/Free Out
FIOS Free in out stowed
AGW All Going Well
ANCHORAGE A place suitable for anchorage in relation to wind, seas and bottom.
BAF Bunker Adjustment Factor-A Fuel Surcharge expressed as a percentage added or subtracted from the freight amount, reflecting the movement in the market place price for bunkers.
BALLAST Heavy weight, often sea water necessary for stability and safety of a ship which is not carrying cargo.
BAREBOAT CHTR. Bareboat Charter-Owners lease a specific ship and control its technical management and commercial operations only. Charters take over all responsibility for the operation of the vessel and expenses for the duration.
BOW The forward part of a ship
BUNKERS Name given for vessels Fuel and Diesel Oil supplies (Originates from coal bunkers)
CAF Currency Adjustment Factor
CBM Cubic Meters
CIF Cost, Insurance & Freight. Seller pays all these costs to a nominated port or place of discharge.
COD Cash on Delivery
DDU Delivery Duty Unpaid
DDP Delivery Duty Paid
DEM Demurrage (Quay Rent). Money paid by the shipper for the occupying port space beyond a specified �Free Time� period.
DET Detention
DRAUGHT (or DRAFT) Depth to which a ship is immersed in water. The depth varies according to the design of the ship and will be greater or lesser depending not only on the weight of the ship and everything on board, but also on the density of the water in which the ship is lying.
DUNNAGE Materials of various types, often timber or matting, placed among the cargo for separation, and hence protection from damage, for ventilation and, in the case of certain cargoes, to provide space in which the tynes of a fork lift truck may be inserted.
DWAT Deadweight. Weight of cargo, stores and water, i.e. the difference between lightship and loaded displacement.
ETA Estimated Time of Arrival
ETC Estimated Time of Completion
ETD Estimated Time of Departure
ETS Estimated Time of Sailing
FAS Free Alongside Ship. Seller delivers goods to appropriate dock or terminal at port of embarkation and buyer covers costs and risks of loading.
FCA Free to Carrier. A modern equivalent of FAS used in intermodal transport where goods are transferred at a nominated forwarders premises, depot or terminal but not actually on board vessel.
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