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Maritime�s shipping activities have evolved over the years from a small feeder carrier serving remote coastal ports in East Africa and the Indian Ocean Islands to a leading regional shipping line offering global access to the Southern and East African coasts and the Islands. This is made possible with a fleet of multi purpose, self sustained, geared vessels suitable for carrying containers and break bulk, heavy lift special project shipments and hazardous cargoes.

Maritime offers 6 regular trade routes within the region, linking the Islands and the East African coast with Europe, the Far East, the Americas, the Middle East and the Indian Subcontinent via a number of key regional transshipment hubs.

Maritime aims to offer a unique customer base world wide coverage from remote
locations in an area known for its limitations and complexities, and in keep
with this philosophy offers regular and frequent  coverage of ports such as
Moroni (Comores), Vohemar and Fort Dauphin ( Madagascar), Quelimane and
Mocimboa Da Praia ( Mozambique).

Maritime has the unique ability to tailor services and rotations around specific customer requirements and thereby adding strategic value to global supply chains.


Maritime is currently operating self sustained, single deck multi purpose geared vessels.  All vessels have the ability to load dry, hazardous and reefer cargoes, and accommodate heavy lifts with the use of cranes in tandem.

Maritime specializes in port to port ocean freight solutions and can also offer inland delivery via an extensive network of agents and business partners.

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